Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Railway petition campaign nets 1,000 signatures

Over one thousand people have signed up to support a campaign by the Aberavon Labour Party to improve disabled access to Port Talbot Parkay Railway Station. The campaign has been gathering pace over the last few months and has attracted the backing of residents in every part of the Aberavon Constituency.

Taibach Labour Councillor, John Rogers, said,

“We would like to thank everyone who took their time to sign our petition and give their clear support to improve the state of the railway station to allow disabled people the easy access they need to use public transport.”

“Access to the station is a huge problem not just for disabled people but also for young families and those passengers with heavy luggage. It is important for the future of the town that we have an up to date and fully accessible railway station. The people of the town deserve better and by signing our petition in such numbers, they have spoken with a clear voice to Network Rail.”

“The Aberavon Labour Party has also been working alongside a number of local and national charities and voluntary organisations to make Network Rail aware of the strength of feeling on the issue in the area.”

Councillor Rogers added that the Labour Party would be writing to everyone who signed the petition to thank them for their support,

“In adding their name to our campaign, ordinary people who are trying to do their best for the local community have shown that by banding together, they can make a real difference. We will be writing to everyone who took a few minutes of their time to sign up, to thank them for their efforts and to keep them up to date on the progress we are making.”

“We are having ongoing discussions with Network Rail and the other organisations responsible for the running of station. This show of public support by local people can only help us as we try and win improvements to Port Talbot Parkway.”

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