Thursday, May 12, 2005


Investment in Aberavon Seafront paying off

With summer not too far away, the new developments on the seafront are taking shape.

Replacement lighting is being installed and work to install a PA system has begun. The car park at Ocean Way is being resurfaced and over 850 metres of new railing are being put in between the sunken gardens and the promenade.

The ice cream parlour is also due to open in time for the children’s school holidays.

More work is scheduled for the Autumn with the lighting columns between Swn y Mor nursing home and the Jersey Quay development being replaced. There will also be improved access down onto the beach for disabled people.

Brand new seating and litter bins that will help keep the seafront clean and tidy are being installed and NPTCBC hope that some of these will be ready before summer starts.

The new investment is part of the Labour Party’s commitment to regenerating the seafront and making it an attraction that the people of Port Talbot can be rightly proud of again.

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