Friday, March 25, 2005



Work on the Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme for Aberavon and Sandfields East is continuing to make rapid progress.

The first two group repair schemes in Adare Street and Station Terrace are almost completed and three more are underway in Lillian Street, Frederick Street and Stair Street which are due to finish at the end of April. Already completed is the off street parking project in Elfed Avenue as well as new play facilities in St Joseph’s School.

A new area renewal drop-in centre for residents to speak to staff who are working on the project is on schedule and will open in the middle of April. A successful meeting to consult local people on future development has recently been held and plans are in place to have several more in the near future to keep local people informed every step along the way.

The area renewal project is a clear commitment by Labour to the people of Aberavon and Sandfields East that we are determined to provide massive investment to tackle long term social exclusion and poverty. The work being carried out involves money for private housing repairs, landscaping, street lighting, play areas, traffic calming as well as work to community buildings. The scheme will also tackle poor health, employment and education

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