Thursday, February 24, 2005



Following the elections last June, the Labour administration on the Council set itself two main targets: to keep Council Tax rises down to an absolute minimum and to find more resources for the frontline services which matter most to people.

In the recent budget announcement, we were pleased to announce the following:

Eighty one per cent of our funding comes from a grant from the Welsh Assembly. Therefore, the key to this excellent budget was the lobbying of the Assembly by the Labour Group. This lobbying resulted in the Council being awarded over £2 million in additional funding.

Another key element in delivering this first-rate budget has been the savings strategy introduced by the Labour administration. Part of this was the restructuring of departments, which will save over £1 million in the next three years and £600k per year after that.

We will continue to argue to get the best grant settlement for Neath Port Talbot and to make efficiency savings wherever possible.

Labour in Neath Port Talbot

Keeping Council Tax rises down

Funding better services

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