Friday, January 21, 2005


Planning application lodged to transform eyesore site

An application for planning permission has been formally lodged by Dovey Developments to build a new multi million pound shopping centre on the Burrows Yard site.

The vast majority of residents will be glad to see that the council depot and the surrounding derelict sites are to be demolished to make way for the new retail centre proposals which feature five shops and a car park.

The planning application is now out for consultation and can be viewed by local residents at Port Talbot Civic Centre. Views and submissions on the new complex can be made to the council’s Development Control department quoting the application number P2004/1738.

The final decision on whether or not the full plans get the go-ahead will be made in the next few months by the impartial and non-political local authority Planning Decision Committee. Consideration will be given to the plans to ensure that the new buildings blend into the surrounding area with its other retail outlets.

For more information on the planning process, follow this link

Monday, January 17, 2005


Aberavon Labour to hold Tsunami fundraising auction

A special Valentine’s night auction is being held by the Aberavon Constituency Labour Party to raise funds for the victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster.

The night was initially planned as a political fundraiser but with the awful events that unfolded over the festive period, we decided as a local party to do whatever we could to help these people in their hour of need.

The generosity of the public, not only in Aberavon but across the whole of the UK, has been truly outstanding. The scale of the disaster was shocking in terms of the number of people who were killed and the devastation that it caused. Every penny raised from this auction will go towards those victims who need it most.

The auction takes place at the Four Winds Hotel on Monday, 14th February 2005 at 7pm. Entrance will cost £5 per person and this includes chicken and chips. All the entrance money will be donated to Macmillan Nurses, which is the Mayor’s Charity this year, as originally planned but we have decided to give the proceeds of the auction, which would otherwise have been used to fund our campaigning, to the Tsunami appeal.

The event is not restricted to Labour Party members and anyone who wants to make a contribution to the appeal or purchase an auction item is welcome to attend.

We are looking for items such as sporting or political memorabilia, unwanted Christmas presents or anything else that would be suitable for auction like this. We urge anyone who would like to donate an item for us to auction off to contact Cllr. Marian Lewis, treasurer of the Aberavon CLP before the 31st January on 01639 644893.

Our annual fundraising dinner which took place in October, raised over £330 benefiting young carers throughout the Constituency. We hope that this event will be as successful in raising much needed funds for the people who have been affected by this disaster.

To make a donation directly to the Tsunami appeal please follow this link or phone 0870 60 60 900.

Friday, January 14, 2005


Tough action tackles litter problem in Aberavon

We very much welcome the tough action recently taken by the Labour-run Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council against residents who were leaving their rubbish bags outside their homes days before the scheduled collection.

With the bags being left laying around for days on end, animals and vandals were tearing them open and rubbish was being scattered all over the place. Not only was this creating a possible health risk but it was making parts of Aberavon look an eyesore. In some areas of the Ward the bags were also becoming a targets for yobs who were using them to help start nuisance fires.

By far the biggest source of complaints for local residents is the amount of litter and vandalism present in the area and the negative effect that it has on the physical appearance of the Ward and the quality of life that we have as residents of Aberavon.

It has been a significant problem in Aberavon for a number of years and that is why we believe that the handing out of £75 fixed penalty notices to over 30 people in the locality was completely justified. To address worries about litter and rubbish, the Council has also invested in a team of six wardens to tackle this important issue across the borough.

If you would like to find out more about how NPTCBC is dealing with local concerns on this matter then visit To report any problems of litter or rubbish dumping, please contact the Council directly on 01639 764555.

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